Corporate and Immigration Services

If you are in the process of bringing your company to Cyprus, are already based in Cyprus and need help maintaining your company’s stay here, or you’re just wondering about whether you should make the move, reach out.​

Corporate Services

Incorporation of a Cyprus Company

Cyprus Company Maintenance

Accounting and Tax

Virtual Office

Liquidation of a Cyprus Company


We partnered with property developers and real estate agents in order to meet each client’s unique needs, in a timely and cost-effective manner. We offer a full service ranging from the opening of a bank account to the submission of your application, and other related issues.

We deal with:

Cyprus Tax Residency,Acquisition of Cyprus (EU) Citizenship, Naturalisation based on years of residence, Acquisition of citizenship as a spouse of a Cypriot citizen, Civil Partnerships, Immigration Permits, Temporary residence Permits, Long Term Residence Permits, Registration certificates of EU citizens and family members, Permanent Residence of EU citizens and family members, Residence cards for non-EU citizens who are family members of EU citizens, Employment of third-country nationals at a Startup innovative business.

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