Membership Manual

Here you’ll find some key information to help you navigate the house easily, and make your stay as smooth as possible.



Name: ohouse (+ all variations)

Password: planetsim

Contact the hosts

Franjeska Stylianou, +357 99800452

Kassiani Kappelou, +357 99079147

Reception hours

Monday – Friday, 10:00 – 15:00

Lights and Aircon


For the summer months, the air-con is set on a timer from 08:00 – 19:00. This ensures that the space is cool throughout the day.


What if the temperature isn’t right?

If at any point the temperature isn’t right, feel free to adjust it with one of the two central controllers.


How to find the air-con controllers?

They are a little box attached to the wall; one downstairs, and one upstairs. Downstairs: on the left side of the door to the kitchen. Upstairs: on the wall in-between the conference room and the balcony room.



If you enter and all lights are turned off, feel free to turn on the lights that will make you feel comfortable being in the house. If you are the last one to go, please turn off all the lights.

Do I need to track my days?

If you’ve booked a 2-day pass, a 5-day pass, or a 10-day pass, you might be wondering how your days are tracked. 


We use a mixture of monitoring the door lock key-codes usage, and manual client tracking during reception hours. If there’s ever doubt, we have the front area camera to cross check. 


Feel free to track your days for your own reference. Alternatively, ask one of the team to find out how many days you have left. 


What's included?

We have nuts and snacks, a coffee machine, and a selection of teas. We also have different types of milk, beer and wine in the fridge. These are included in your membership so help yourself!

Where can I find mugs, glasses, dishes, and cutlery?

Mugs are to the right of the stove. Glasses are to the far left cupboard of the stove.  Dishes are to the left of the stove. Cutlery are in the first drawer to the right of the sink.

What should I do with my used dishes?

Use the dishwasher when possible.

Before opening the dishwasher door, make sure that it’s not on.

If the dishwasher is running, leave your dishes in the sink and a host will take care of it.

How to use the coffee machine

Our coffee machine is user friendly but if you have any questions, you’ll find a manual next to it with step by step instructions.

Always feel free to ask the host during reception hours. 

Join the WhatsApp group

Some of our members enjoying a games night out at a board gaming cafe

We have a group on WhatsApp, exclusive to the Ohouse community, where you can find other members, make suggestions, get exclusive offers posted only here, arrange and join hang-outs, and receive updates from us on house developments and upcoming events.

You can join the group by clicking the button below. After submitting a request to join, an admin will approve shortly.

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