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Cultivate Balance: Online+Offline Self-Care

21.Jul.2023 . 2 min Read

Finding peace and clarity in today’s world is essential for our well-being. Journaling, combining mindfulness with reflective writing, offers a transformative journey to self-discovery and growth. Join this empowering journaling workshop led by Sofia-Zlata Shestakovskaya. On Friday, 26th July, from 19:00 to 22:00, we’ll explore  “Online + Offline Self-Care,” delving into the delicate balance between our digital and physical lives.

Journaling is more than jotting down thoughts – it’s a path to nourishing our mental, emotional, and physical well-being. In this workshop, Sofia will provide prompts and expert guidance to help you tap into the transformative power of mindful journaling.

Journaling helps to:

  • Reduce Stress: Release worries and anxieties in a safe, non-judgmental space.
  • Gain Clarity: Organize ideas and gain insights from a fresh perspective.
  • Heal Emotionally: Process experiences, develop self-compassion, and foster growth.
  • Boost Self-Awareness: Observe thoughts, feelings, and behaviors, leading to personal growth.
  • Ignite Creativity: Free-flowing writing unlocks your creative potential.
  • Enhance Mental Health: Journaling promotes overall well-being, reducing depression and anxiety.

Join Sofia-Zlata on this journey to embrace a balance between online and offline worlds.

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